Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc.

Pilot Information

This page contains basic information about our airfield for pilots travelling to Elizabethtown. This page is for reference only. Refer to your official aviation charts and publications for up to date information.

Information about services available at the Elizabethtown Airport itself can be found by visiting the FBO Ground Services or Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics areas.

Elizabethtown AWOS is live and accessible online at:  EKX AWOS DISPLAY


Identifier KEKX
Lat/Long 37°41.16'N, 85°55.50'W
Elevation 776 ft.

Runway 5/23

Length 6001 ft.
Width 100 ft.
Surface Asphalt
Weight Limits 50,000 lbs SWL
77,000 lbs DWL
PCN: 21 F/C/X/T
Lighting MIRL (PCL; Low, Med, Hi)
REILs (PCL; Hi Only)
PAPIs (Continuous)
Rotating Beacon (Dusk-Dawn)


Unicom & CTAF 122.80
Clearance Delivery 119.45 (Louisville Clearance)
Approach Control 132.07 (Louisville Approach)
AWOS-III Weather 121.02 (Tel:270-763-6433)


New Hope VOR (EWO, 110.8) 285 radial and 12 nautical miles
Mystic VOR (MYS, 108.2) 126 radial and 19 nautical miles
Louisville VOR (IIU, 114.8) 212 radial and 30 nautical miles
Bowling Green VOR (BWG, 117.9) 026 radial and 51 nautical miles
Instrument Approaches

RNAV (GPS) Rwy 5 (LPV)
RNAV (GPS) Rwy 23 (LNAV)
ILS Rwy 5

Charting Information

Sectional: St. Louis
Low-Alt: L-15, L-25

High-Alt: H-5
AFD: SE (Southeast U.S.)
TPP: SE-1 (Southeast Vol 1)
WAC: CG-21