Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc.

Freight Handling

We offer freight handling capabilities for on-demand air freight operations. A forklift with operator is available for $200 for the first three pallets, and $40 for each additional pallet. A reasonable amount of loose cartons will be considered equivalent to one pallet. This fee does not apply if the recipient or shipper provides the forklift and operator. All freight operations are subject to a ramp fee based on aircraft size. Freight handling is available after normal business hours with prior arrangement, please visit After-Hours Services for more information.

If you require ground transportation to bring your freight to or from the airport, we will be happy to provide you with contact information for local carriers, or we can make the arrangements for you.
Please note that Elizabethtown Flying Service cannot sign for or accept freight on behalf of freight carriers or recipients. Please arrange to have the sender or recipient (or their authorized designee) transfer your freight directly to/from the carrier.