Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc.

Guide to Fees and Cost

To quickly determine if your visit may be subject to any fees or extra costs, see if any of the following situations may apply to your operation.

All Flights

I will be parking my aircraft on the ramp overnight

Tie-down or overnight parking fees for light recip aircraft on our ramp are as follows:

  • Single Engine Tie-down: $5 per night
  • Multi-engine Tie-down: $10 per night
  • For large and/or turbine powered aircraft, please see our full rate schedule.
  • Rates and availability may vary during special events such as the Kentucky Derby.

See Tie-Down and Parking

I would like to hangar my aircraft overnight

Rates for overnight hangaring of aircraft vary based on aircraft size, but are generally between $50 to $250 per night.

See Hangar Space

I will need a ground power unit

A GPU is available on a first-come, first-served basis for aircraft requiring 28 VDC power. Rates are $75 for the first hour, and $25 for each subsequent half-hour.

I require service outside of normal business hours

If you need access to the terminal or other services outside of normal business hours, an after-hours fee of $150 before midnight, $250 between midnight and 6AM, or $100 from 5AM-8AM will apply. Please note that the airport is accessible around the clock, and that this fee only applies if you require the services of the FBO.

See After-Hours Services, Business Hours

Freight Operations

I will be loading or unloading freight

Freight operations at Elizabethtown are subject to a ramp fee based on size of aircraft. Fee schedule is available here.

I will require a forklift, or help with loading freight

A forklift with operator, or linemen to help load loose cartons or boxes, are available for $200 for the first three skids, and $40 for each additional skid. A reasonable amount of loose cartons will be considered equivalent to one skid. This fee does not apply if the recipient or shipper provides the forklift and operator.

See Freight Handling Fees and Services