Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc.

Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics

We have a full service maintenance facility, employing licensed A&P mechanics, as well as an FAA-certified avionics repair station. We maintain dozens of aircraft based all over the Ohio Valley, from simple oil changes to major engine and airframe repairs. We also offer flat-rate annual inspections and IFR/transponder certifications, as well as specialty services such as dynamic prop balancing. Emergency service can generally be worked into the shop to get you safely back in the air and on your way to your home base. Transients can schedule oil changes or other work while here on business and be ready to go at the end of the day.

Our repair station holds factory authorized dealerships with a number of avionics and instrument manufacturers including Avidyne, Appareo, L3, Trig, TruTrak, and PS Engineering. In addition, we offer sales, installation, repair, and field support of nearly all business, regional, and general aviation models. See our Avionics Sales & Service area to learn more about our avionics services.