Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc.

Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels


Full Service
Avgas 100LL $4.95/gal*
Jet A $4.85/gal*
With anti-icing additive $4.90/gal*
Self Serve
Self Serve 100LL $4.65/gal*
Self Serve Jet A** $4.60/gal*


80, 80W, 100, 100W $6.50/qt
20W50, 100W Plus $7.20/qt
15W50 $7.95/qt
2380 Turbine $26.00/qt

We proudly carry Phillips brand aviation fuels, delivered by our friendly, well-trained line staff. We also offer Aero-Shell and Phillips oils and lubricants for all types of recip and turbine engines.  Self Serve fuel is available at the fuel farm with.

Safety and quality are top priorities, and our fuel service is backed by stringent quality control. Our equipment and fuels are inspected and tested regularly by trained staff.

* Prices include all applicable taxes and fees, and are subject to change without notice. Quantity discounts are available starting at 300 gallons.

**Self serve Jet A does not contain an anti-icing inhibitor (FSII)